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Posted by EmeraldTokyo - June 22nd, 2011

I've been without internet for over a year. AHHHHHH!! I'm sorry ... I have nightmares about the horrible ordeal I was put through for so long .... it makes me kinds jittery. ;p

All kidding aside, since I got back I overhauled my website at www.emeraldtokyo.com and I'm really happy with it! :D And I got my web comics up finally. course, I spent too much time trying to code a site than I spent on comics ... but ah well. I'll catch up now. XD

I'm going to finish up a few of my favorite projects I had going on and I might be submitting some things soon.


Posted by EmeraldTokyo - November 24th, 2009

Now you can become a Fan of Emerald Angel Entertainment on Facebook!

So, if you have a facebook account, become my fan! And, if at all possible, suggest me to some of your friends?

I will post exclusive previews on the page from time to time. And, get ready because I'm about to launch some really cool projects! Just in time for CHRISTMAS! Keep an eye out, because seriously, it's happening and it's happening FAST!


Posted by EmeraldTokyo - August 14th, 2007

The issue with my Cable bill was resolved much faster than I had anticipated. Since the Cable Company never got around to having the guy come out and cut me off, I was able to squeak by on it by paying via check over the phone the minimum amount to keep the Cable Turned on. My room-mate got paid today, and he gave me the cash to throw back in the bank to prevent my account from going in the red. So, I go to the bank, thinking ... it's probably so many digits in the red when lo and behold ... the House Payment and other bills have not gone through yet! So, my account was safe, and I deposited the money to keep it that way. Lucky day! I still have my internet. *Whew!* So ... I'm back ... even tho I wasn't really gone ... heh. YAY!

Posted by EmeraldTokyo - August 12th, 2007

Well, my Cable bill has been unpaid and well .. now they're going to cut me off. I extended the cut off date by the max 4 days in hopes of coming up with the money somehow. Well, since I still don't have the money, and tomorrow is the last day to get it. I'll be cut off then. I'll have to come up with $249.06 once it's turned off along with whatever disconnect fee they slap me with. *sigh* This means no internet, no phone, and no cable TV. I can deal without the cable TV, but the internet and phone I sorta need. So it'll be some time before I'm back. I have to get that cable bill paid up before I can come back. Of course. So I'll see everyone then! Don't miss me too much. >_< Heh, like that'll happen.


Posted by EmeraldTokyo - July 28th, 2007

I've talked things over with AndKon Arcade, and I'm letting them keep Dressup Yoda on their site since they gave me proper credit for the game. Hopefully they will learn to ask before posting games on their site to further avoid these kinds of situations. There are some games I want to have exclusively for my own site someday, and I don't wish to track them down to all these other websites lol. Once I learn how to code I can prevent the games from working on other websites if they get taken. So, that won't be too much of a problem for me.

For future reference, if anyone likes my work and wishes to share it with the world, please ask me first. I'm not a hard person to work with. Really. I just throw fits when people don't communicate with me at all.

I'm still a bit surprised my work is even popular at all. -=shrug=-


Posted by EmeraldTokyo - July 27th, 2007

I was responding to my reviews for the games I've submitted here on Newgrounds, and someone gave me a review of my "Dressup Yoda" game titled "Stolen!" and the actual review just states "GASP STOLEN!" ... This confused me because DUH! It is my game. I didn't work for so long on it to have some asswipe tell me I ripped it off from somewhere! So I responded, trying to be nice because hell that alone put me in a bad mood. I asked where I supposedly stole it from and informed them that I'm in fact the original author, so if they see it anywhere else it's in fact ripped off from me ... and not the other way around.

Of course, like I really expect a response from that. So I Googled Dressup Yoda to see where he might have seen it and gotten the idea I swiped it.

So, it wasn't hard to sift through the results since it was the first link that popped up! AndKon Arcade took my game without permission and even so much as a shred of credit on the actual page towards me ... and there it is! Sitting right there where people can play it but I get no credit or thanks. I mean come on the credits of the actual flash game have my name and a link to my web site. And retards are too dumb to look there and see that it is mine and not AndKon Arcades work! I see a lot of games there on AndKon Arcade I think might actually be ripped off! You might want to check and see if your work is there without permission. I see Kitten Cannon, Alien Hominid and a lot of others that are well known or popular.

Ok, calming down. I sent this AndKon Arcade an e-mail telling them they either remove the game or give me full credit. Who wants to bet they won't even respond to my e-mail? If you see a game on there that is your and you didn't give permission, please do the same. We have to stop people from coming in and ripping off our work like this.

On the flip side, I guess I should be happy that my game was popular enough to get ripped off! Heehee. ^_^