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It's sad that sites will rip off people like this just to make money from their site's ads....

perhaps next time you should write something like "only for newgrounds if found anywhere else it's stolen"

Well, see I actually upload my flash work to more than just Newgrounds. Like DeviantArt and such. So, it'd be kinda hard to have to update to ad every site I choos to upload each flash to. It's kinda obvious that it's mine though, since my user name is the same everywhere I go.

As I have indicated in my email to EmeraldTokyo, I am very sorry for not crediting her. This was an error on my part and has been changed.

And as I've said, you still NEED to gain permission from an author before posting those games in the first place. There is more to be gained from seeking permission and more problems to be gained from not asking.

You told me that people send you these games they like, and you just put them up. That's cool, and not really much of a problem until you think about the source some of those games might come from. Some Flash Authors are paid by some gaming sites to make games for their site, and they pay for the rights to have those games exclusively on their site. And if the contracting website finds those games on any other site, it'll cause problems for the Flash Author and the owner of the site they find the games on. They will contact your web host directly without even warning you, and have your website deleted. I'm just looking out for you and trying to help you.

If you ask Flash Authors if it's ok to put a game on your site, the worst thing they can say is no. However, most Flash Authors have more games, and might even have you put them all on there ... meaning you gain more by asking, and bypass all those pesky problems. If a game is under contract with another site, the flash author might have some games that are not under contract that he/she can let you use. Meaning, you'll still gain more by asking.

If you can't find the author's contact information after checking through the flash game properly, use Google, and if you STILL cannot find the author's contact information then just cut your losses and don't put the game up.

Be on the safe side, and don't stress too much over this. You seem new at this and I'll cut you some slack. Look at the rest of the games I have here on NG and let me know if you want to use another one on your site.

@ Sticky:

Please realize that many people allow their flash games on other sites for exposure (one reason to put it on NG for example) or money. While my site doesn't directly give money to authors, sponsorships, in-game ads, etc. means that authors can get compensated and that sites like mine can in fact be helpful.

I can understand the frustration, especially since the least I could have done was put in a link. The Andkon Arcade respects the rights of authors as I have responded within hours of getting the email. EmeraldTokyo indicated that if I credit her, the game can stay on my site. This is what's been done and I hope I haven't pissed too many people off, sorry :-(

Yeah, it's cool to have the game on several sites for exposure. It's something I do, but I'd like to know before hand if my game is to be on any other website. This way I don't stress out like I did when I come across it somewhere else. ;p

Just to make absolutely clear that I don't have a website dedicated to thievery and ripping people's work off, in the last two days alone, I was contacted by three game authors (of Retromania 1985, Drunken Nicole, Frog Race). Why? Because they wanted to make sure that I'd *put* their games on my site.

I can understand why. when I googled "Dressup Yoda" the first result was your site. Kinda scary to me though because my site or the Newgrounds website should have been the first result. LOL! Means AndKon Arcade is popular.

Well I can see my work here is done. No need to thank me....