Going To Be Gone Awhile.

2007-08-12 10:37:03 by EmeraldTokyo

Well, my Cable bill has been unpaid and well .. now they're going to cut me off. I extended the cut off date by the max 4 days in hopes of coming up with the money somehow. Well, since I still don't have the money, and tomorrow is the last day to get it. I'll be cut off then. I'll have to come up with $249.06 once it's turned off along with whatever disconnect fee they slap me with. *sigh* This means no internet, no phone, and no cable TV. I can deal without the cable TV, but the internet and phone I sorta need. So it'll be some time before I'm back. I have to get that cable bill paid up before I can come back. Of course. So I'll see everyone then! Don't miss me too much. >_< Heh, like that'll happen.



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