AndKon Arcade

2007-07-28 16:26:49 by EmeraldTokyo

I've talked things over with AndKon Arcade, and I'm letting them keep Dressup Yoda on their site since they gave me proper credit for the game. Hopefully they will learn to ask before posting games on their site to further avoid these kinds of situations. There are some games I want to have exclusively for my own site someday, and I don't wish to track them down to all these other websites lol. Once I learn how to code I can prevent the games from working on other websites if they get taken. So, that won't be too much of a problem for me.

For future reference, if anyone likes my work and wishes to share it with the world, please ask me first. I'm not a hard person to work with. Really. I just throw fits when people don't communicate with me at all.

I'm still a bit surprised my work is even popular at all. -=shrug=-



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2007-08-07 14:45:31

Umh... Awesome! :)