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Back already!

Posted by EmeraldTokyo - August 14th, 2007

The issue with my Cable bill was resolved much faster than I had anticipated. Since the Cable Company never got around to having the guy come out and cut me off, I was able to squeak by on it by paying via check over the phone the minimum amount to keep the Cable Turned on. My room-mate got paid today, and he gave me the cash to throw back in the bank to prevent my account from going in the red. So, I go to the bank, thinking ... it's probably so many digits in the red when lo and behold ... the House Payment and other bills have not gone through yet! So, my account was safe, and I deposited the money to keep it that way. Lucky day! I still have my internet. *Whew!* So ... I'm back ... even tho I wasn't really gone ... heh. YAY!

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Rawr! havnt talked to u in forever^^ how'r the kids :D?

I'm doing great! The kids are fine. Thanks for popping in.

Kinda I just say, your one of my favorite flash artists :)
Come on the BBS more <3

I live in a old school bus. I m on some dumbfucks laptop at cozdollars coffee and poetry joint.

just to let you know i am your biggest fan
no i am not obsessed with you or anything no i am not going to stalk you or anything like that just fill me in on any other updats you have so i can you know "try" your new games out alreight hope to hear from you