Entry #6

Hang onto yer lugnuts, it's time for an OVERHAUL!

2011-06-22 11:35:09 by EmeraldTokyo

I've been without internet for over a year. AHHHHHH!! I'm sorry ... I have nightmares about the horrible ordeal I was put through for so long .... it makes me kinds jittery. ;p

All kidding aside, since I got back I overhauled my website at www.emeraldtokyo.com and I'm really happy with it! :D And I got my web comics up finally. course, I spent too much time trying to code a site than I spent on comics ... but ah well. I'll catch up now. XD

I'm going to finish up a few of my favorite projects I had going on and I might be submitting some things soon.



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2012-01-19 00:10:29

lol i liked dressup chrissy my comment is there and ITS NOT PERVY im not like ppl who use NG to get..well you know, anyways my comment is on the game and its 100% non-pervy truth