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Very Good!

The animation was fluid, the graphics were clean, the blood was fun, the music choice was excellent and fit the animation very well. My only gripe is how some of the sound effects are louder than they should be. Other than that, you've got a 9 out of 10 and a 5 out of 5. *Kisses* Luv, Chrissy.

MylesAnimated responds:

*purrs* thanks chrissy <3 X3

Poor Taste Indeed

I'm Pretty much going to say what I said to the last guy who bashed IllWillPress. (Not that I'm a major Foamy fan.) Hell, I'll copy and paste most of that review here ... Meh. Not like I need to make a major effort ... you didn't.

"The Foamy series may not have a lot of fancy animation ... and perhaps it is the same "thing" from release to release of Foamy Flash. The thing that is different from each Flash is the subject of the Squirrels rants. That's what makes it funny. I'm not a big fan of Foamy, Neruotically Yours, or IllWillPress. I do enjoy his work because Foamy reminds me of my bitchy mom. Bitchy people never get old because they never run out of things to bitch and or rant about. Really, it's the subject of his flash and his popularity with the viewers that causes him get front page. Don't be pissed and bash him and his work over that."

"If you want front page that badly, come up with a good flash project that your target audience (Newgrounders) will like, and pour a lot of effort and thought into it. Take a month or more to finish it, then go for it. Make sure you won't be overshadowed by a NG Holiday like Clock Day or something when you release the work, and see how you fair then."

And, you bashed Wade! Come on. I see a ton of Flash that makes me green with envy. I'm not bashing those or their makers, I try to COMPETE. So come on, try to get front page for real you whiner.

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

I honestly dont give a fuck about you or your ridiculously long whiney review.



I love her chewing. You know this already so blah. The whole project was great. ^_^ Can't wait for more. Luv, Chrissy! -=Kiss Kiss!!=-

Blaklyon responds:

Thanks for the review! But, I saw this a mile and a half away!

Ramen! O_O I want some now!

Heehee. That was really cute, you had my boyfriend and I both laughing at this one. (Thanks cuz he has a cute laugh) I'm gonna go make some Ramen now for myself ... and no one better try to steal it. Cuz if they do I'll cry. ^_^

Heehee. ^_^

Wow, I really loved that one. I wasn't too into the Dynamite series until this one. It wasn't because of the lesbian thing either (I'm a girl ... but hey I was still turned on. O_O ). This one just seemed very well made compared to the first few episodes. I do like the thicker lines in your art now. It stands out better. The dream sequence was a total riot and the geek at the end with the lube was like frosting on the cake! LOL! "What? No Lesbian Sex?" Hell, I'm voting 5! LOL! Keep them coming. As for dropping the interactivity because it was getting redundant ... I can understand that, you already can guess what your users are going to vote for anyway before you even ask. I'd prefer to see what you can come up with and I really think your ideas will be better.




My baby fell asleep in my arms watching it. LOL! He was dazzled by the colors, movement, and sound. Hey, I thought it was entertaining ... But, I am a bit of a nerd and learning is my thing. The music was good.

Sprite Animation

Sprite Animation Sucks .... usually. However, this Sprite Animation was done so damn well I had no choice BUT to dish out a 10 and a good review. That was exellent. Too bad Zero had to be on the loosing end. I like him. If you made Rokemon into a little ongoing series ... I'd follow it. This is the first I've seen of your work. I'm about to check out the rest of your stuff now. Let's see how many good reviews you can squeeze out of me.

If I wanted to read your story....

I'd buy it as a book. Flash is meant for movies. OK? Animate the story, don't tell it in text.

Fx2 responds:

well, id say about oh 60% of movies on flash have text or no text all all!!!

That's Good

OK. I'm gonna tell you how to cut the file size. First, Delete the music from your flash library.

Find the MP3 You used and convert that to a WAV. The file size will stay the same as if you had left it an MP3, however!

Import it a WAV and Flash will compress it into an MP3 and basiclly make it alot smaller. There, that should do it. If you need any flash help, E-mail me or Instant Message me via AIM/AOL.


jake-dog responds:


I will pray that your Guardian Angel watches over you. You'd better pray your Guardian Angel isn't a Dark Angel who'll get a kick out of your misfortune. :)

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