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Very Clever

The game waswell written. The graphics drew my into the world of the game in combination with the music is sets a very eerie scene with a creepy "hurry up" feel to it. It didn't take me long to figure out what to do with the items but I did get stuck a few times. It's a serious thinkers game. It would be awesome if you made a much longer in depth game of this style as I do believe this is a little too short. I'd love to see more.

Very well done.

This was very well done. I love your crazy work. Makes me feel like I'm tripping out. People don't have to take drugs to get buzzed ... just watch Blaklyon's work to get dizzy and high!

You forgot to scrip the last buttons on the game, so no one can retry the Panda slap fight. I've told you to watch your buttons. I also told you to put a warning at the beginning of your crazy flash for people who might not be able to handle it. You almost gave one person a siezure with this one. Put the warnings in your flash. you crazy or something? You're gonna make some geek die at his desk. He's gonna be eating and typing and watching your flash, then he's gonna go into fits and choke to death on his grilled cheese! Warn people damn! Hahaha.

Blaklyon responds:

Thanks for the review! I updated some stuff that was broken. Try it again. It might be more enjoyable.

Very Creative

Its rare to see games like this on newgrounds often. Great job!

It was only a matter or time...

I knew eventually someone would release a flash version of Katamari Damacy. I don't know how but, I did. Nice Job!

Foreverkul responds:

Thanks! I dind't know if anyone was gonna try it so I did :)

Very Inovative!

Its been a LONG time since I've seen a game this original. Awesome Job.

One thing that is absolute on Newgrounds....

Any flash game is done by Mindchamber, Psycho goldfish, Tom fulp, Synj or Dan Paladin, Its going to get front page. Not because they are popular but because the work is top quality.

Too simple

After a couple of levels, once you save up to get the Axe, its a breeze. Good game though! I adds some stratage to the game play but, a Hardcore player in flash games can finish this in about 10 minutes or less.

Add more.

That was great. But, I know there has to be way more different kinds than the 9 you added here. (I've seen those posters at Spencers Gifts.) Animate them too! ... Then, this will be really great ... or gross, whichever way you wanna go.

Very Stylish!

Its another flash game tresure that every one should reap the rewards from. Awesome Job!

What can I say?

Small file size, great sound, eazy to play. Front page was in this flash games destiny.

I will pray that your Guardian Angel watches over you. You'd better pray your Guardian Angel isn't a Dark Angel who'll get a kick out of your misfortune. :)

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